The Forgotten Girls (2021)

The Forgotten Girls In a forest in Denmark a ranger discovers the fresh corpse of an unidentified woman A large scar on one side of her face should make the identification easy but nobody has reported her missing After
  • Title: The Forgotten Girls
  • Author: Sara Blaedel Signe Rød Golly
  • ISBN: 9781455581528
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Forgotten Girls
    In a forest in Denmark, a ranger discovers the fresh corpse of an unidentified woman A large scar on one side of her face should make the identification easy, but nobody has reported her missing After four days, Louise Rick the new commander of the Missing Persons Department is still without answers But when she releases a photo to the media, an older woman phones to saIn a forest in Denmark, a ranger discovers the fresh corpse of an unidentified woman A large scar on one side of her face should make the identification easy, but nobody has reported her missing After four days, Louise Rick the new commander of the Missing Persons Department is still without answers But when she releases a photo to the media, an older woman phones to say that she recognizes the woman as Lisemette, a child she once cared for in the state mental institution many years ago Lisemette, like the other children in the institution, was abandoned by her family and branded a forgotten girl But Louise soon discovers something disturbing Lisemette had a twin, and both girls were issued death certificates over 30 years ago As the investigation brings Louise closer to her childhood home, she uncovers crimes that were committed and hidden in the forest, and finds a terrible link to her own past that has been carefully concealed.

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    • [The Forgotten Girls] | Sara Blaedel Signe Rød Golly
      263 Sara Blaedel Signe Rød Golly
    The Forgotten Girls

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    1. I have not read any other books written by Sara Blaedel but I was curious after reading the book description for The Forgotten Girls This book features Detective Louise Rick, who is featured in the authors other novels Police detective Louise Rick Louise is now the new commander of the Missing Persons Department in Denmark Two weeks as the new commander and Louise is working on the case of an unknown woman whose body was found in the forest The woman has a very unique scar on the side of her fac [...]

    2. I would like to thank Netgalley for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.A woman s body is found in the forest, but no one seems to know who she is Louise Rick then discovers that the woman is already dead, or rather that she was a patient in a state mental institution and was declared dead 30 years ago Now Louise and her colleague Eik must find out how a woman can be declared dead and then end up dead for real decades later.This book was far less gruesome and gory than I expect [...]

    3. A woman s body is found in the forest, but no one seems to know who she is Louise Rick then discovers that the woman is already dead, or rather that she was a patient in a state mental institution and was declared dead 30 years ago Now Louise and her colleague Eik must find out how a woman can be declared dead and then end up dead for real decades later.Have you ever read something good, but at the same time revolting to read You know the kind of engrossing book, but with a really really sick en [...]

    4. 3.5 Two young girls, both mentally challenged, are institutionalized as their mother died in childbirth and their father can no longer care for them At the institution, the father is told that his visits upset them and is told to forget about them and get on with his life When the girls are eighteen the father is told that they have both died from pneumonia How then to explain when the body of one of the girls, 30 years later, is found Where has she been all these years Where is her twin Louise [...]

    5. The premise of this book was a good one but it was very poorly executed The main character Detective Louise has just moved to a new position and will be a heading a division that investigates missing persons cases As the story begins she gets her first case and is sent to pick up her new partner who is passed out drunk in a bar Within minutes of her retrieving him he is alert and making suggestions on how to investigate that Louise seems unable to think of herself While he is doing all the impor [...]

    6. Com crimes hediondos, algumas personagens malignas, sem esquecer dose de romance q.b As Raparigas Esquecidas tem tudo para proporcionar uma ptima leitura Gostei da escrita, do enredo, do facto de, apesar de ter tentado adivinhar quem seria o assassino n o ter conseguido chegar l , e o querer saber mais em rela o ao passado de Louise, que ficou em aberto Assim como ao presenteFicarei a aguardar pelas restantes publica es da s rie.3,5 Opini o completa em marcadordelivros 2

    7. 1 Star for the narration The book is set in Denmark, yet the leading detectives voices are read with an American accent Other characters, however, were read with several different accents US South, and then maybe Wisconsin Then there were characters read with what sounded like a Scottish accent Not sure what was going on here, but I wouldn t recommend the audio version AT ALL Thank goodness this was a library lend or I d have to return the book Needless to say, I won t be listening to the next t [...]

    8. The Forgotten Girls is a good addition to the Scandinavian mysteries that are being translated for English readers currently Blaedel has been writing them prior to their recent popularity and if is accurate it looks like there are a few installments prior to The Forgotten Girls surrounding Louise Rick s friend Camilla Lind we will need to learn about as well I believe this is the first book where Louise Rick is in the spotlight It is a fast paced mystery centered around the story of a mysterious [...]

    9. Gostei mas tenho pena que seja o 7 de uma s rie mesmo sendo o 1 de um trilogia Curiosamente, os crimes n o me impressionaram ou chocaram Talvez leia o pr ximo, dependente da minha vontade na altura Embora seja o primeiro livro lan ado c , o s timo de uma s rie hom nima do nome da protagonista Louise Rick Simultaneamente o 1 livro de uma trilogia e portanto embora tenha torcido o nariz aquando do conhecimento de ser um volume avan ado numa s rie, tamb m entendo a jogada de come ar a publica o por [...]

    10. 4.5 starsIt s books like this that give me anxiety at the mere thought of going into the woods This is the seventh book in the series, but the first I ve read from Sara Blaedel I have to say, I m pretty impressed The writing, the characters, the creepy setting I didn t want it to end Something like that haunts you for the rest of your life From the start there s a sad and ominous undertone The best way I can describe the setting and my feelings in the beginning a dreary, rainy day Louise is a de [...]

    11. As Raparigas Esquecidas, livro de Sara Blaedel, mais conhecida como A Rainha Dinamarquesa do Thriller , chegou at mim atrav s de um exemplar de avan o e com a promessa de ser arrepiante, intenso e sociologicamente fascinante Verdade seja dita, eu andava numa letargia irritante no que toca a leituras, principalmente por ter dado conta que o livro que estava a ler tinha um predecessor e que mais valia parar Peguei ent o neste thriller e em coisa de tr s ou quatro dias, com viagens de norte a sul p [...]

    12. This was good It was fast paced and very enjoyable I figured out who the killer was at chapter 8 so that was a little disappointing, but at the same time I had that I FUCKING KNEW IT moment at the end when the author revealed the killer Who doesn t love it when you are the real detective in a murder mystery book

    13. 4.2 Numa floresta da Dinamarca, um guarda florestal encontra o corpo de uma mulher Marcada por uma cicatriz no rosto, a sua identifica o deveria ser f cil, mas ningu m comunicou o seu desaparecimento e n o existem registos acerca desta mulher.Passam se quatro dias e a agente da pol cia Louise Rick, chefe do Departamento de Pessoas Desaparecidas, continua sem qualquer pista ent o que decide publicar uma fotografia da misteriosa mulher Os resultados n o tardam Agnete Eskildsen telefona para Louise [...]

    14. Note I received a copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.Plot Story The Forgotten Girls is a brilliant book with an exciting plotline which engulfs the reader right from the beginning The enjoyed the storyline thoroughly and would definitely love to read from the author This book has so many elements that it ll keep the reader guessing at all times This book is what a real psychological thriller should be The twists and turns were well timed and the intrigue factor [...]

    15. When I read the story line for this ebook, I couldn t wait for it s release The mystery sounded intriguing, unfortunately it failed to deliver There wasn t a single aspect of the story the mystery around the twins and where they were, the romance between the protagonist and her temporary partner that I would consider suspenseful While the crimes against the mentally handicapped children was awful, I felt that way because of my own morals and not because of any narrative by the author I thought t [...]

    16. Just once once, damn it I want to read one of these mysteries wherein the detective isn t berated, stymied, threatened, or prohibited in their investigation by their boss Just once, I would be so impressed if the man who hired the person to do the job he has entrusted them with would actually just trust the person to do the damn job At least in many of these police procedural type mysteries, the protagonist is being condemned because what they want to do is dangerous or wildly outside the bounds [...]

    17. Um policial bastante interessante e do qual gostei Confesso que tinha muitas expectativas cridas e como tal, fico um pouco aqu m do esperado Mas foi uma leitura que apreciei, apesar de achar que existiam muitas pontas soltas De qualquer forma, como penso que se trata de uma saga, provavelmente nos pr ximos livros teremos mais desenvolvimento das situa es

    18. Sara Blaedel , , , , , , , Missing persons , , Blaedel , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Blaedel , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Blaedel .

    19. The premise for this mystery is great a body is discovered and then identified by her death certificate saying she died as a teen 30 years ago More intriguing She has a twin, also with a death certificate Is the twin still alive, did she live beyond her 30 year old death certificate and what really happened in the home for forgotten children The story gets grim and probes some ugly history of how the world used to treat children with mental physical deficiencies The author writes fluently and ca [...]

    20. A expectativa era muita, mas n o correspondeuUma leitura lenta e desmotivante at cerca de meio do livro Depois da l se bem, o final est bem pensado e as descri es s o cruas e chocantes.Apesar de tudo gostei muito de Louise e fiquei curiosa com o pr ximo livro.

    21. Link clubedoslivros 2017 05 Sara Blaedel, autora de As raparigas Esquecidas apelidada de A Rainha Dinamarquesa do Thriller Com este t tulo, apenas aconteceu uma coisa, os leitores atentos ficaram sedentos e curiosos por ler a sua obra.Este livro, o primeiro de uma trilogia que acaba por ser publicada, com o seu terceiro volume no final deste m s de Maio Aqui, neste primeiro volume publicado em Portugal pela Topseller, acompanhamos a pol cia Louise Rick, que acaba de integrar e se tornar respons [...]

    22. I tend not to enjoy police procedurals, but herein lies an exception This was a solid mystery with an interesting and unique plot I enjoyed this little trip to Denmark and I think I ll be coming back for 4 starschokengtitik

      titikchokengs Although this is technically the 4th book in the series, books 1 3 seem almost impossible to find and I think you d be just fine starting the series from this point I think this was the first book translated and published for English readers, and subsequent b [...]

    23. It was Ok I m sure if I read a lot crime mystery it wouldn t rank as high as some others.One mistake I made was not checking GR before I started reading I didn t realize this was book 4 in the series There were references to characters from prior books that probably would have made sense but overall I don t think I missed too much by not reading the prior books I think this will be a series that I can take or leave If I need an easy read I might pick up another one but I m not dying to read an [...]

    24. Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review I received this book to review little over a year ago It sat on my shelf unread all that time Instead of informing the publisher that I hadn t had time to review the book, I kept re reading the book blurb and thinking that I really wanted to read this one Ultimately, I think the book was pretty much what I expected it to be It was good, some parts better than others, but not g [...]

    25. This took entirely too long to read, but that s the life of a wrestling mom during season.I absolutely loved this book The Forgotten Girls is the first of a trilogy within a series But at no time did I feel lost or confused without reading the books that came before Sara gives enough background on the protagonist, Louise Rick so I felt like I wasn t missing anything vital I thought the mystery was solid and developed slowly There was definitely some creep value, which I loved The writing flowed [...]

    26. Uma palavra Fant stico Sara Blaedel acabou de conseguir mais uma f Nunca fui grande leitora de livros deste estilo, ou at mesmo apreciadora Admito No entanto, h uns tempos atr s decidi alargar o meu leque de g neros liter rios, at porque nem s de romances vive um leitor.Opini o Completasinfoniadoslivros

    27. 3.5 stars rounded downLouise Rick has just been appointed technical manager of the Special Search Agency, a division of Denmark s Search Department that is responsible for investigating unsolved missing person cases When Louise and her partner Eik Nordstrom identify a Jane Doe as a mental patient that supposedly died decades earlier along with her mentally ill twin, the new partners embark on an investigation that leads them down a path of rape, murder, and family secrets a twisted path which in [...]

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