FAMILY VALUES Aizat is a married man who lives a hedonistic and comfortable life But when he sells a plot of land he inherited from his father this triggers a string of horrifying events He sees apparitions hears
  • Author: Hadi M. Nor
  • ISBN: 9789670750224
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
    Aizat is a married man who lives a hedonistic and comfortable life But when he sells a plot of land he inherited from his father, this triggers a string of horrifying events He sees apparitions, hears voices, and gets physically and mentally tortured.His very rich uncle, Tan Sri Aliyas, suddenly gets in touch with him Aizat doesn t want to meet Uncle Aliyas because he sAizat is a married man who lives a hedonistic and comfortable life But when he sells a plot of land he inherited from his father, this triggers a string of horrifying events He sees apparitions, hears voices, and gets physically and mentally tortured.His very rich uncle, Tan Sri Aliyas, suddenly gets in touch with him Aizat doesn t want to meet Uncle Aliyas because he s bad news But after being pestered by his wife Sammy real name Samsiah , he agrees.After a few meetings, Uncle Aliyas then shares a dark secret about the family legacy

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    1. Interesting read, dealing with lots of interesting, heavy topics religion, politic, racism, pots, sex, etc It started pretty slow, but it s not boring, I can still follow it through I don t get what the author s point at first There s a lot of ramble, I think The first early chapters talked about Aizat s lifestyle he slept with his assistant, he smoked weed, he disrespected his wife You can t help but hate that guy Then the story started to get interesting as Aizat met his uncle, and saw the ap [...]

    2. This is my third novel of Hadi M Nor and I have to say I m quite impressed with his writing especially this one The other two I read are in malay but this one is in english thumbs up We get mainly humor from those two but this one is totally different It s a thriller of a pulp fiction way and yes there is still some parts that had me laughing.Although the plot is not that strong and some parts are vaguely explained because I couldn t really connect the dots , I must say it is well written There [...]

    3. I don t get the ending Was Aizat too high on drug that he hallucinated everything or was it real And I like what the writer did It s full of satire It touches every subject imaginable I mean, RM20 for 500ml of Yasin s water I could get it for free from the mosque near my house Of course a sensible person wouldn t take it for free That s the point of tabung masjid.It s a great book if not for the confusing ending It s so abrupt that I was like, That s it Aizat was not an honorable MC but he was s [...]

    4. Intense An excellent example of an unlikable character delivering a strong story Although this book is marketed as pulp fiction, I feel that this book also reveals modern anxieties in Malaysia s ethnic Malay community Godless liberals, judgmental religious zealots, celebrity imams, fear and suspicion of the Chinese, and shadow Freemason like organizations can be found here Was kind of worried that Hadi M Nor would not be able to deliver a novel length story because I was introduced to him first [...]

    5. First eleven chapters, i was like mana hala tuju cerita ni Seems like Hadi betul betul nak membuktikan how this Aizat live his life hedonistically is there such word Tapi memang agak merepek gila tersasul sebut oh Ceci lepas tu role play Cam whatt Ok enough with that Then baru cerita berkembang bila Aizat met his uncle and terbongkar rahsia semua Tapi hadi m nor tetap hadi m nor lah kan Part sinikal banyak gila Sampai aku rasa confuse dia ni nak ejek ke memang cerita dia macam ni Ok lah Not bad [...]

    6. He addressed a lot of issues celebrity imams, political figures and their dark gameplay on the people, hedonism amongst modern muslims All delivered in a no nonsense, sarcastic voice Very relatable for today s Malaysians I ll be on the lookout for books by the author Kudos

    7. I have to admit that I only got this book to support Junad s brother But oh how I enjoyed this The whole storyline depicts upper middle class malays today to the T with drugs,women, alcohol are OK but any thing to do with babi is not The whole race and islaminization issue and how we are actually our own bogeymen to stick to our skewed view of power and control, complete with supernatural beliefs are just well constructed and weaved into a story a social commentary within a fiction WELL DONE Had [...]

    8. The book is fairly interesting eventhough rather slow because it took Hadi M Nor than half the book before Tan Sri Aliyas reveals the secret and it felt like whatever happened after the revelation was rather rushed But kudos to the parts before the revelation because they were well detailed and made me cringe yuck, centipede and some parts were funny like when he asked the call girl to bring him burger That one had me chuckling I also enjoy parts of Islamic philosophy that accompanies the story [...]

    9. After flipping a few pages of this piece, I knew I had to get a copy right away.Family Values takes you through the mind of an upper middle class Malay paranoid, confused, and always trying to exceed expectations.Notwithstanding certain factual inaccuracy there s no Chanel boutique in Bangsar , the novel is interesting enough to make you wanting for All in all, it s an interesting read, especially of a Malaysian author Brilliant.

    10. The story really keeps me going but towards the end i was like, wtf man Lost 4 hours of my life for this He s a good story teller but I just don t like this story too much sex I mean after a few pages we already know how much Aizat loves sex, next please.

    11. What a wonderful piece of art Authors like Hadi are one of the reasons I get hurt whenever people say that writers in this generation are crap Good job Hadi

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